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Another dead motherboard. I'm starting to think it could be my PSU.


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I consider myself quite tech savvy, but I've just gone through 4 Gigabyte P35-DS3L motherboards within 1 year. My fourth one just died 2 days ago presumably from some blackout(s). Here are my specs, which I have not changed in over 1 year. In fact, the only change I've made was upgrading my PSU from an ******** GameXstream 600W to a Corsair HX620!


Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L (4 of them)

Intel e6420 2.13 OCed to 3.2 (stable, tried & tested)

******** 2x1GB DDR1066 (stock, running @ DDR800, default V)

EVGA 8800GTS 640MB

Corsair HX620

2 x WD Raptor 74GB

1 x Seagate 400GB

1 x WD 400GB

SB Audigy X-Fi

Windows XP Pro SP3 32b

-I do not have an APC UPS, but I use a surge protector




December 2007 - Bought the Corsair HX620


January 2008 - DS3L Board 1. Turned machine off, changed up some fan configuration in my case (I have 5 120mm fans in my Antec P180 and I was testing 5V/7V/12V to see which combo would give me a good combination of silence/performance). PC would never boot again.


June 12, 2008 - DS3L Board 2. I was browsing, MSN chatting and I suddenly hear a bang/pop. I see/smell smoke coming out from a capacitor on top of the CPU socket. Board dies.


June 27, 2008 - DS3L Board 3. Got it used but after a few days, I receive a "Bios Rom Checksum Error" message after POST and eventually I'm unable to boot. Board keeps rebooting indefinitely after 3-4 seconds and never enters Windows. I'm not sure what I did but I got it to stop rebooting but instead it would stay on a black screen and NOT POST.


January 12, 2008 - DS3L Board 4 (replacement board from Gigabyte for the blown caps which I ended up waiting for since Board 3 had bios problems). I left my PC on and during the middle of the night, we had 5-6 blackouts or more. I wake up in the morning and my PC would not boot. Took out battery for 12 hours, put CMOS jumper on for 5 minutes, still would not boot. PC just turns on and it stays on a black screen forever. I did the same thing again but this time I took everything apart and put the mobo on a box and just plugged in RAM, video, HDD, etc. but it's still a black screen. Board will not boot.


All my other components should be fine. I tried my video card, RAM on my cousin's PC, played some games for 2 hours and they worked. I tried my CPU, video card, RAM, PSU on my friend's PC (same DS3L) and it worked. However, his DS3L died 3 weeks later (summertime) :bigeyes:. I'm sure it was a coincidence but I don't know what to think anymore.


All I know is that ever since I got this new PSU, which was "supposedly" one of the best ones on the market, I've had 4 dead motherboards and 5 if you include my friend's.


I don't have the tools, nor the patience to test my PSU. After hearing about my computer problems (which I never really have until this past year), no one wants to put their hardware at risk. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the main culprit. Sure, one or two dead motherboards I'll let it go, but 4/5 dead motherboards within 1 year? You gotta be kidding me. I ain't buying Gigabyte again, but that don't mean my next motherboard won't die....


Somebody please help me.

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I think you should go with a different mobo and there is a good chance you are burning out your mobo due to OC. I personally have had luck with ASUS mobo's my first one lasted 6 years. I just built a new rig this week and it is running great. My first psu (1000hx) was DOA. Got my second 2 days ago and it works amazing.
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I bought mine originally from newegg. I didnt want to wait for the rma which probably would have been 7-14 business days so I went to Fry's by my house and bought one there and returned the first one I bought as defective the next day to get my money back. If you dont have an electronics store that carries these psu's then you might have to wait the long time.
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OK, I just went out and bought the P5QL-Pro. Plugged everything in, checked all the cables, etc. but it's the same thing! PC won't boot, no POST, my PSU turns on and my video card/case fans are all on high speed but it's just a black screen! I guess that eliminates my mobo... so it's either PSU, CPU or RAM.. it's really highly unlikely that my CPU or RAM could be the problem but I won't know for sure until I test them on another PC.. arghhhhhhh, this is so frustrating.. I wish the damn P180 case had SPEAKER so I could hear the beep codes but there's none!
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