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CM2x1024-8500C5D Bad Module


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I have the above memory running 5-5-5-15, it's XMS85505v1.2 if that matters. 2GB of RAM.


Reboot due to XP (32BIT) software upate and the machine just goes to a cursor with long beep, silence, long beep, in a continuous fashion. I open it up, reseat things to no avail. I remove both memory chips, put them in different DIMM slots and the same. I pull one chip and it can boot up on 1GB. I try the other chip by itself and back to the beeps.


I'm figuring I have one bad stick at this point. I did open a case 815074 already. I'm happy to RMA but would prefer to have an operational PC even with 1GB of RAM while the process is occurring. Please let me know how to proceed.





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