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P6T Board - Recognizing only 10GB with all slots full


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When initially booting up with all slots filled, only 10 GB of RAM is recognized by the system. After running a Vista Memory Test (requires reboot), system recognizes all 12 GB. Vista memory test show "No Problems" on completion. On reboot after that, the system once again only sees 10GB and the "! New Hardware" shows up in the system info area.


I have tried re-seating and changing all RAM. The same thing happens irregardless.


I went with the 1600 RAM because I intend to move to a i7 Extreme within the year (currently getting by with a 920 due to cost).


Haven't run Memtest on it yet ... but unsure as to why the info would be different.


Computer is used exclusively for graphics, video creation, and 3-D.


Any ideas?

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This the Asus P6T standard, or Deluxe? V1 or V2?


Thank you for your reply.


I don't have access to the machine at the moment ... will check and post additional details this evening.


Only other feedback I received from where I bought the motherboard (http://www.ncix.com) was to try to clock the memory back to 1333 in the BIOS and then check again.


Figured I would check with others on this particular forum to see if anyone had any ideas.

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Total amount of RAM recognized will not be affected by the clock speed. Which Bios revision are you currently using?


Actually, I tend to agree with that (clock speed not effecting recognition), and that it may indeed be the BIOS that is the issue. Asus has released 2 updates that both cite "Memory Compatibility Updates" in the release notes.... although, the memory that I do have was deemed to have been "approved memory" for the system contents.


I will check the board this evening ... and update the BIOS to the latest version as well ... then report back on the events.


Thanks all for your interest and replys,....

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Thanks for the suggestion.


I was actually going to remove 3 sticks before the flash (nice catch reminder about the orange slots though) :biggrin: ..


I've always done "flashing" via ASUS tools (floppy disk, etc.) in the past, so that's definitely the route I'll follow.


Thanks again everyone,....

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Flashed to latest version of BIOS for ASUS P6T Deluxe (Rev. 1.XX) with 3 sticks (6GB) installed.


Added 3 more sticks and rebooted. System recognizes full 12 GB of RAM.


Shut down and rebooted again (approx. 5 minutes between). System now continues to recognize 12 GB of RAM.


So, it seems that the BIOS update has resolved the issue (pending another reboot in the A.M. to test again).


I figure that resolution of this issue should help anyone else with similar problems with a similar setup.


Pending a re-test via reboot after an extended shutdown, (fingers crossed) ... I'd like to thank all that helped with their comments and suggestions. :):


Much appreciated....

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