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Asus m3n-ht & twin2x4096-8500c5


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I am having problems getting my memory to work at its full specs of 1066mhz.


My Computer specs are:


Motherboard: ASUS M3N-HT/Mempipe

CPU: AMD Phenom 9950

Memory: TWIN2X4096-8500C5 (2 X 2GB [4GB])

Vid Card: EVGA Geforce 9800 GTX+

Power Supply: Antec Quattro 850W

Hard Drive: 2 x 500GB WD Hard Drives


When i put the sticks into my computer, the computer ran completely fine, and i've had a look at Everest and it shows that my memory is

DDR2-800 DDR2 SD RAM (5-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) which i thought was wrong so then I went into my BIOS and set these values:


Memory Voltage: 2.1 V

(DRAM Configuration)

Memory Clock Frequency: DDR 1066

Tcl: 5

Trcd: 5

Trp: 5

Tras: 15

1T/2T Memory Timing: 2T


Once i did this, my windows failed to boot and sometimes the computer would not even boot at all, so i had to reset my Jumpers/CMOS to get it working back at default again.


Am i doing something wrong?

What settings should i be changing specifically?

What do i do about these other settings, i have no clue what they are.

Memory DCT Mode, Memory Hole Remapping, Ai clock skew (channel A clcok skew, channel B clock skew), all the Advanced Memory settings, DRAM Timing Control, Output driver control and how about the voltage settings in the advanced tab?


I have a very well cooled computer and have my cpu idle'ing at 34degrees so i didn't think it would be a heat issue.. please help! I'd very much like to take advantage of the 1066MHz memory that i paid for



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  • Corsair Employees

Make sure you have the most recent BIOS loaded, and then clear your CMOS. Disable Legacy USB Support in the BIOS for testing purposes and then reset the memory timings and voltage manually as you listed above. Then, test each module for 3-5 passes each at 1066. If they fail, test again with them at 800 In many cases, the Phenom CPUs we see are not capable of stable 1066 operation and users are forced to run slower speeds. This varies from CPU to CPU due to the memory controllers.


Also, according to our memory finder, this specific model of RAM is not specifically approved at 1066.



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