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Gtx 295 + hx1000w...


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Hi guys,

i'm waiting for my GTX295 card to arrive and i want to connect it in the right way...


i'm looking to this picture about how the rails are:



the new card has 1x 6pin connector and 1x 8pin connector.


do i need to use both the "native" cables on the card (called GPU 1&2 in the picture)?


or do i have to take one cable by the "native" pci-ex cables (GPU 1 or 2, V2 in orange in the picture) and the other one by the V1 (red in the picture, GPU3)?


i ask this because months ago i had a 4870X2 card and had many issues with shutdowns in full load. i've been thinking about power issues since i got an overclocked system (but it was rock solid with a Crossfire of 4850 cards right before the gpu change) then i had many other issues with the card such as temps too high so i gave it back to the shop and got my money back.


Before that 4870X2 experience i had a Crossfire of 4850 and never had shutdown problems so maybe it was the X2 card having problems, actually i was using a 4870 Toxic card and never had shutdown problems again, but the new GTX295 card needs lot of power just like the X2 so i want to be sure that my PSU will be working fine and the card powered in the right way.


anyway my computer specs (if they could help to understand how to set up the power connection) are:


Intel Q9650

Asus Rampage Formula X48 DDR2

2x2GB G.Skill 8800-4GBPI

Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic

4x 500gb WD Caviar RE2

Corsair HW1000W


and waiting for the GTX295 to arrive.


then i have a liquid cooling system with a Laing DCC 1t-plus pump


i thank you in advance for your help, hope this can be useful for other users too. :):

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