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Does changing the Bios mean its perminent?


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I bought some new ram and it doesnt seem to be working so i was going to try and change the bios to fit it manually but im worried it will be perminent and i wont be able to ever get back to them using my old ram.


for instance,

my current ram is 675MHz and my new ram is 800MHz can i still use them together? if not i would prefer to use the 800 because it is 2GB and my old is 1 GB. i know the ram is completely compatable.


i have a T-series Biostar TP43D2-A7 motherboard and my ram that i am trying to install is 5-5-5-18.


the problem is that it goes to a black screen and never even shows bios.


can anyone help?

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With out clear specifics on your memory, most of your questions cannot be answered, but here goes nothing:


No BIOS change is permanent. That's why you can edit them at any time, not to mention reset them with a jumper on the motherboard.


It's never recommended to mix memory speed / timings / versions.

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