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HX620W popping


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I'm also having the exact same problem as the op here, I bought my HX620w from Dabs.com originally in febuary 2007 and after gradually getting the poping noises happen after about 3-4 months it died on me in September 2007, so like the op I sent it back to Dabs at the cost of £11 and could not get a refund.


After getting a replacement PSU from Dabs.com the poping noise is gradually starting again after about the same time period.

This time I tried plugging just my computer into just 1 wall socket with nothing else in it but this makes no difference at all, the poping noise happens at random with 1 plug or 4 plugs into a extension.


As the op said this is a very hard thing to try to recreate as it only starts to happen after 3-4 months of using this PSU.


I originally got the Corsair HX620w PSU as I was upgrading to a new graphics card [nvidia 8800gts] and from reading the documentation it looked like I'd also need a new PSU as my original Tagan PSU was only 400w, and so to be on the safe side I thought I'd updrage too with a new PSU. I wish now I'd tried out the g/card with my original PSU as its looking like this second Corsair is starting to die on me again.


I just dont see why we should have to pay to keep sending these things back at the cost of £11 each time, its not so bad if it's only once but its looking like this second one is gonna pop one day soon and need to be sent back again at the cost of another £11 when its not even my fault.

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I am having the same problem with my HX620 supply. I have found that it only happens under certain circumstances.

I have an oil filled radiator connected to the same mains circuit as my computer.

When I come in from work this radiator is on (it's on a built in time switch). I switch the computer on and hear a pop from near the power supply switch (COMPUTER).

If I turn the computer on when this heater is turned off there is no pop from the switch.

The heater contains an element which is basically a large coil of wire. This large coil of wire is causing problems with back emf or surge current or something.

So far my power supply has survived. I just have to make sure the heater is off when I switch on the computer.

Try this yourself if only to confirm that I'm not imagining it.




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Hi there,

My computer is pluged into the 1 wall socket and this is the only thing that is plugged into that wall, all the other stuff [monitor, speakers, modem] are all on a 4 plug extension lead and are pluged into another wall socket at the other end of the house.


Theres also no other electrical devices next to or near my computer.


As I say this doesn't start to happen untill about 3-4 months after I installed the HX620w PSU, all I can think of is that some of last years batch of HX620w PSU's are defective in some way.


Anyway I'll wait and see if/when this one dies and take it from there as far as replacing or buying a different PSU again.


L. Atkinson,


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