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ASUS Rampage Extreme & XMS3

Captain Zero

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Has anyone been able to use the Corsair XMS3 DHX with this board or am I going to *have* to use DDR3 Dominator?


I have never been able to get 8GB of any 1600Mhz DRAM fully stable in this machine. I can tweak and get it to be stable in Linpack and Prime95 and memtest but a few days later, I have instability. When I drop the DRAM speed to 1333Mhz, the issues resolve. I have used XMS3 DHX and and Dominator. There is no difference except for the form factor. This board just pisses me off. Stable for a few days and then craps out. This repeats.


I have decided to sell the board and CPU and have bought an i7 920. I am tired of this board entirely. If you can take the board back and purchase an i7 solution (I bought P6T Deluxe and Corsair 1600 X 3 with no issues at all).

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