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Will the TX750 Fit inside of a Dell inspiron 530 case?


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If you have the Dell inspion 530 (Wide One) then you have a standard ATX specification.




Dimensions of the 750TX = 3.4" Height x 5.9" Width x 6.3" Depth




Get out your measuring tape to be sure that there is room for the cords. You may want to go with the 620HX which will have no issues with at GTX 280 and is modular so that you will not have all the extra cables filling up the area between the PSU and Optical Drive. The 620HX has 4" less depth.


Dimensions of the 620HX = 3.4" Height x 5.9" Width X 5.9" Depth




I find the 620HX to be a better power supply anyway.

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