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Issue with HX620?


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My rig recently stopped booting (It would power up, but I would get a "DVI no input signal" message.)

First I thought it was my vidcard, but I had that tested. Then I thought it was the motherboard, so got the p45 gigabyte seen below.

After putting the new rig together, I'm having similar issues. It posted with 1gig of memory, and sometimes 2, but the once I threw in the 3rd module it wouldnt post.

I thought maybe it was faulty memory, but the memory tested fine on another machine.

When I powered up, it turned on and off repeatedly, and my CPU fan ran at half-speed.

I sent the gigabyte back and am getting a new one tomorrow. If that one gives me the same issues...it would seem that I have ruled out everything but the PSU.

Could it be the HX620 doesn't have enough juice for my setup? Or that my HX620 is just faulty?

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If the PSU were the problem, you would get the same issue regardless of how many memory modules you have installed in the system. I would suggest testing each memory module one at a time in the slot closest to the CPU and see if you can isolate a single memory module which may be causing problems. If they all pass, then I would take a single memory module and test it in each slot on the board to rule out a failing DIMM slot. If at any point you would like to try swapping out the PSU, we can do that for you, however at this point I would not be confident that it would resolve your problems.
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