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Failure after failure, please help!


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I bought a Dell XPS 420 in September and it originally came with 4gb of RAM. After a couple of weeks, I decided to upgrade to 8Gb of RAM, so I called Dell to know what they were suggesting and they told me they were recommending Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5 for my system. I also made sure to verify with your memory configurator before I purchase the sticks and they were indeed listed as working for the Dell XPS 420.


So, I purchased 2* TWIN2X4096-6400C5 for a total of 8Gb from tigerdirect.ca; that was in early November, installed the RAM sticks and began to test with Memtest 86+. After a whole night of testing I had a couple of errors, so I then decided to isolate which pair caused the issue. After removing the problematic RAM sticks, I made another 12 hour test on the remaining 4Gb... I haven't got any error with those to this day (*crossing fingers*). I also tested this working pair in all slots of my mobo and never got any errors.


I then returned the defective RAM sticks to tigerdirect and they promptly sent me a new pair. Tested again and guess what.... got errors with those again. Just to be sure i was not crazy, I removed the working RAM sticks and installed only the pair I had errors with... had error with them in all slots (when I say in all slots, I obviously I have tested only the following config slot 1,3 and slot 2,4... duh) :)

So I sent them the RAM stick, and they once again sent me a new pair... tested them last night... BAMMMM.... AGAIN errors :(

...You might understand that this is getting slightly on my nerves.

Now, what should I do?!

Should I sent the stick back for yet another replacement? Am I just very unlucky? I have read on some forum that some people had to return the same sticks model twice... but 3 times!?


Thank you very much in advance for your answer... I hope you guys can help on this one!!!

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What version of memtest are you using? Have you tested ONE stick at a time?


The version of Memtest i'm currently using is Memtest 86+ 2.11, though my first test when I returned the first pair of defective RAM was 2.01.


I did not try to test only one stick at a time. The reason behind this is because even if there's only one stick of a pair that is defective, I will have to return both of them anyway right?... since, aren't they suppose to be optimized to work in pair!?!? Let me know why such a test would be good!

Ohhh, just a question like this; could you combine one stick from one pair, with one stick of another pair (of the same brand, model, etc obviously!)


Thanks for keeping me updated!

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Testing one stick at a time helps to find out if it's ONE stick or a SLOT issue.


Mixing memory that's not tested together is never recommended, and if they're different versions, they may not work together anyway.


If you look at my first post, I did test my working, non defective pair in all slots configuration (1,3 and 2,4 ; I have a total of 4 slots) and those work fine in all of them, so I doubt it's one of the slots. Either way, I will test one stick at a time like you said just to be sure :)


Two other questions:

- Is it ok if I test them with the 2 working sticks still there? I mean the 2 working sticks + 1 of the defective sticks... or do I really need to remove all RAM to see which one is the defective stick?... I would think leaving the 2 good sticks doesn't really mater right?


- You were saying that it is not recommended to mix memory that were not tested together; if there from the same model, working and from the same version/revision (in my case they are all ver 3.1), what would be the problem of mixing two sticks from different pairs, is there a real problem per say?!?!? are all pairs so different? or is it just not recommended. Please let me know if there's a real problem of doing so.


Thank you in advance and for your great help!

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