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VS4GSDSKIT667D2 G Memory Card failed according to Geek Squad. Need Help

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My laptop had problems with a virus and messed up my System 32 folder. I didn't have a Windows XP CD and wasn't going to try to waste my time removing the virus afterwards. So I brought the laptop to Geek Squad. They did a diagnostic and said that my memory was failing. I can't return the memory card from where I bought it because it has passed the time for returns. Plus, I cut the barcode for a rebate from Corsair.


So I was wondering if warrenty would cover this issue and how hard it would be to send the defective memory card. Also, can I even send it back without the UPC code?


Also, I don't know my laptop's specs at the moment. All I know it is a brand that most haven't heard of. It is a Compal HEL-81

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