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Second corsair tx650w psu not working


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Hey guys,


I ordered a tx650w power supply which came in DOA. So i had to RMA it back to corsair for a replacement. I just received the replacement which just powers up the mobo lights for 2 secs and then goes out. After which it doesn't power up again. If the switch at the back is turned off for a while and then turned back on....the mobo lights light up for 2 secs again when the power switch is pressed. The lights seem to go out as though there isn't enough power....


However it provides power to run the fan when the green wire is shot with the black wire next to it...as mentioned in the brief psu test.


When I tried powering up with another PSU before I got my replacement I was able to boot the pc.


Please advise what I am to do.....Hope i don't have to go through another RMA again...cos I live in india and it costs awfully to ship to the US and pay duties when I receive a replacement. (Spent $25 this time) Am beginning to wonder if corsair actually has something called a Quality Control Team!





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If the PSU powers on and stays on when manually jumping the green wire with a paperclip, then there is a possibility that your system is triggering the OCP/OVP (overcurrent and overvoltage protection) circuits on the PSU due to an out of spec signal from the motherboard. There could also be a short or a grounding issue within the system preventing the PSU from powering on and staying on. If this is the case then I would recommend testing the PSU in a different system to be sure. If the PSU is still not powering on properly then let us know and we will be happy to replace it!
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Okay....tried it on another pc and it doesn't power up....the mobo lights up in that but the cpu fan doesn't spin.....tried it in mine and realized that it didn't spin in mine either.... Took it to a friends and same prob....both the ATX_12V cables don't seem to be giving out power.... The rest of the PSU seems good.


Any way of me being able correct this issue without going in for the trouble of an RMA again!?

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