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CM3X2G1333C9D6 and CM3X2G1333C9A4


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I got a computer from ibuypower.com and it has 3 2g modules all labled CM3X2G1333C9D6. However, in bios (and cpu-z) one module is listed as CM3X2G1333C9A4. That module has different timings, temperatures, max bandwidth and SPD Ext. (EPP 2.0). The other two show correctly but are working at 1066.


I have a support ticket case of #802768. I was wondering about enabling XMP or changing the timings so that the three work at 1333 and have similar timings. The one A4 module is running at almost twice the temps as the other two. I don't want to OC, I just want to get all three working the same.

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