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Sealed Flash Survivor: WRONG MEMORY SIZE INSIDE!!!


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I know that what I'm going to report may sound incredible (had it not happened to me, I'd be the first to be baffled), but this is what happened.


16GB Flash Survivor. The package was perfectly sealed, no signs of mishandling. All labels in place. Brand new.

In the package I find necklace, cable and pendrive. I remove the cap ("16GB" logo on it), plug the drive, and it reads "7,5 GB". Uhm...

Try to reformat. 7,5 GB. Horrible doubt...


Well yes: the included pendrive, brand new, is an 8GB one!!! Code G08G on it...


Filed a request throug the support (with all the codes and barcode printed both on the label and on the drive itself), obtained an incident number, awaiting for an answer, but... how can this be?


Has anyone ever heard of such a case?


Me, I'm astonished...

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I would see if the reseller will replace it for you, but if they will not or cannot please give me the case number and I will see what I can do, but going through a normal RMA may not get you a 16 Flash Drive. I would suggest calling in and talking to our customer service at 510-657-8747 Ext "3" and explain the issue and they will most likely ask for the invoice.
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Thank you for your fast answer. Unfortunately, the reseller refuses to accept any responsibility, stating that this situation is yours to solve, being the package he sold brand new.

I can easily produce photographs of the package and the item, scans of the invoice, but I live in Italy, and calling an overseas number would cost a lot. Couldn't you kindly provide me an e-mail address to make contact, and send in any documentation you may request?


This situation is most unusual, overseas calls could only complicate things.

Thank you.



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You can send them an email at RMAservice@corsairmemopry.com but I would CC it to Ramguy@corsairmemory.com and put Att: Ram Guy in the subject line and include a link tot his post and your name address and phone number and the details about the case and I will have them contact you.


Thank you very much for your help. I will follow your instructions, attaching a scan of the invoice and photos of the package, its labels and the pendrive. I hope this will help you understand what happened. I can assure you the package was factory sealed, and that is the reason why I contacted you.



As I said, reformatting was my first thought. After that, I checked the codes on the USB head and, to my surprise, I read G08G, which is, I think, a sufficient explanation, although an astonishing one.

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An update, and therefore a question to RamGuy.


I have prepared scans and photographs as I said in my previous post. In the meantime, the Tech Support has assigned to my case an RMA number, and I have received instructions to send the pendrive in wihout request of further documentation (as I said, I had already included all the serials I could find in the form).


RamGuy, do I still need to follow your advice and then wait to be contacted, or

the RMA number assigned means that the data I had already provided have been considered conclusive, and the mispackaged piece will be replaced with a 16GB one?


Thank you for your patience.

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The replacement has just arrived, and this time no surprises: 16GB are 16GB! :o:


I wish to thank the Ramguy and Jelaide for their wonderful assistance: 12 days back to back is really not bad, considering that I'm in Italy, the European hub is in the Netherlands and Ramguy, I guess, somewhere on the West Coast, US of A.

Corsair hit one of the top three notches in my "Best Assistance Ever" list; and believe me, I've been around here a few years... ;):


Case Closed, as per title.


Thank you very much



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