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e6750 +ram max oc please help!!!


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Hi guys,

Please take a look at my specs and tell me what U think is the best overall OC (except for gpu) I can achieve with these specs.


Curently I am oc'd at 3.4ghz -stable. (computer only boots when setting the cpu volts to automatic)...

Right now i scores at 3dmark06 + 3dmark vantage even a worse score than

B4 this oc I currently have.


P.S., take a look at the photo I added.



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I know this is not good having 2 different speed of ram what can i do...

I don't have the money now to buy new ram and throw my old sticks...

But still I prefer having 4gb of different speeds than 2 gb of the same speed.

Sounds better and faster doesn't it?




I've now tried once again to oc my system,

3800GHZ was out of the qeustion no matter what I set the cpu volts to, the system did not boot (even when all volts were on automatic...) !


So I tried 3600GHZ, but this time the only way I could boot is when I set all the volts to automatic!

And for now (13 minutes or so), the system is still working fine on 3600GHZ + automatic volts.

Is this ok? I didn't touch anything else...

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thing else...


You might well burn out your motherboard memory controller in the long term.

Download Memtest86+ Version 2.11 from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Download CPU-z from-->

Shut the system down and boot to the Memtest CD for two full passes, then (If Stable) enter Windows and post screenshots of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.

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