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Memory specifications for CM75FB2048-667


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Hi, is it possible for you to advise if this memory CM75FB2048-667 is compatible with Dell Poweredge 2900III servers. I do not see the system listed in your memory configuration page hence cannot check over there. Also can you give me the details on that particular module of RAM. Does it support chipkill?


A few more general questions as well


1. What is chipkill?

2. Is it different from ECC and if so what is the difference?

3. What is dual sided memory?

4. How are the chips on any memory module configured? I mean how can you tell if it has 2 banks, is dual sided and what the size of each individual chip is and how does that factor into the overall size of the DIMM. I have read the wiki article on this as well but just want to get a better understanding.


Pls help if possible. Thx

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1.chipkill is IBMs term for ECC (Error Correction Check)

2.same thing

3.RAM with chips on both sides of the stick (DIMM=Dual Inline Memory Module, SIMM=SingleIMM)

4.too many manufacturers with too many IC part numbers are in play. if you can read the numbers off the chip (IC) there are some sites out there that can tell you how many Mb the chip is and its speed and you multiply the Mb by the number of chips on the stick. look here for info on the chips http://www.icmaster.com/search/ProductLineAction.do

hope that helps.


btw, ECC is kinda like RAID for RAM, if a chips registers are faulty during a process, another chip takes over the operation with no data loss. (if i remember correctly)


hope that helps :)

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Hi, thx for your response. Can you please advise if this memory CM75FB2048-667 is compatible with Dell Poweredge 2900III servers and what are the specifications on this memory.


With regards to chipkill I have seen that some memory chips that support ECC also have chipkill (advanced ECC) and some that have ECC do not support chipkill. Does this model CM75FB2048-667 have chipkill. Thx

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chipkill is an IBM term, you have a dell.


In computer memory systems, Chipkill is IBM's trademark for a form of advanced Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) computer memory technology that protects computer memory systems from any single memory chip failure as well as multi-bit errors from any portion of a single memory chip. It performs this function by scattering the bits of an ECC word across multiple memory chips, such that the failure of any one memory chip will affect only one ECC bit. This allows memory contents to be reconstructed despite the complete failure of one chip. The equivalent system from Sun Microsystems is called Extended ECC. The equivalent system from HP is called Chipspare. A similar system from Intel is called SDDC.



yes the ram is ECC compliant.

i could not find your server in the memory configurator however your board has the Intel 5000x chipset and the memory you are asking about is on the list for another board with that chipset http://www.corsairmemory.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=33096#other_modules

i cannot give you a definitive answer though, your server is not listed in the configurator but one of the staff members that work for Corsair may be able to answer you precisely.

have a good weekend:biggrin:





Key Features

�� 240-pin, Fully Buffered dual in-line memory module (FB-DIMM)

�� Ultra high density using 512 MBit SDRAM devices

�� CRC and ECC error detection and correction

�� Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB)

�� 256 MB x 72

�� JEDEC standard1.5V high speed differential point-to-point link

�� Four-bit prefetch architecture

�� Off-chip driver (OCD) impedance calibration

�� On-die termination (ODT)

�� Low profile (1.2”), ideal for 1U rack mount servers

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