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Hi everyone i am new user at this forum and this is my first post hope someone can help me out a with my issue: :)


And the story goes something like this:


I currently own this memory kit but after couple of months of use Ive concluded that they are somewhat defect. So Ive already ordered a new set of the same type (i am going to RMA the old kit).


Much tweaking was done in the bios to get the memory running stable but just couldn't get them to be 100% stable. Everything works i can boot into windows play games work with memory intensive applications. But sometimes not to often the computer decides to do a BSOD and there are always different types of error codes. MemTest+ (the latest version) also shows some errors on test nr. 5 & 8 after some hours of testing.


The strange thing is though that i am running the modules at 1600mhz as i cant get them to run at 1800mhz. (no biggie as long as it runs at 1600 i am happy :).


So regarding the new kit that arrives tomorrow i have some questions.


What voltage (DRAM voltage) should i run the RAM at when operating at 1600mhz and timings 8-8-8-24 or 9-9-9-24?


What other types of apps could i use besides memtest+ to ensure that my memory is 99% stable. :) and how long should i run these different tests?


Thanks in advance


Regards Niket

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Memtest86+ is the best test for singularly testing memory. I have this board and it is terribly finicky with 2GB modules. I run 1600C7 at 1500C7 for stability with this board but it tests out fine on 790i and P45 with 1600C7 and runs with stability. With this board, I can memtest fine but the memory controller has issues with high speed/low latency and high density DRAM.


Here's the funny thing. This board is faster with 1500C7 than either P45 (P5Q3) and 790i at 1600C7. Far faster than 790i, so I'm fine with 1500 (7-6-6-16 1T) and 1.80v.


You are warranted for up to and including 2.0v with that memory.

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