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Please use this link to enter in as much detail as possible about your system. I have moved your specs from your thread title to this area for now. Next time, please read the rules more thoroughly, as it details that you should do this and how to do it.
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okay, @fatalheadache , i use vista ulti SP1, psu enlight 550 watt...


for cooling , i dont upgrade yet, i got when i bought 9950 Black Edition...


okey if it is important to have watercooling... i dont have yet...



so if i use standard cooling, i still oc this one , right? can u tell me step by step?

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Well cooling is very important to overclocking. You have too much heat and you get no where at all. Your CPU as I said runs hot I have the 6400+ BE and it gets hot fast. I wouldn't overclock on the stock cooler it just will not do. The rest of your system looks great. Well the motherboard and the memory at least. I don't know much about your power supply will have to look it up. The power supply does a great deal to keep every thing running with the voltages they need. Overclocking is not very hard but I am sure you know you are still taking a risk. With the heat that CPU makes I wouldn't overclock until you get at least a better CPU cooler. Not trying to be a stick in the mud just stating facts you want your system to run faster but you should also want to get your goal safely.
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okay , i know its very ipmortant...


but i just want to know about the limit of the overclock in standard cooler...


i ve got 3.00 GHZ in multiplier 14x, fsb in 220, i cant raise the fsb above 230 even in 12 or 11 multipiler, (tell me, which is better, lower multi raise fsb, or raise FSB lower multi?)... in this phase, my computer keep running as well, stable at all... is that the limit with standard cooler? my ram timing was @ 5-5-5-15 at 440 mhz, i cant do it by 4-4-4-12, it cant boot ... i still stuck with timing ram...

i want to learning n learning...

i want to ask :

1. can u tell me about NB and HT link in Overclocking, i do not understand yet about this one...

2. tell me about ram timing ...


tq bro...

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Well what are your temps like? Load CPUz and HWMonitor show me what you have so far like the picture below. As for which is better to overclock its whatever you can have stable you will have to run test to see which is better. I have 16x216=3.456MHz its better for my system from the test I have done. I wouldnt press your luck on that stock cooler we will see what your temps look like.


(NB) Northbridge



(HT) Hyper transport









Coretemp – good program to key eye on CPU temps



OCCT – this will test if your computer is stable



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i have already all utilites.. but i m testing for satble or not wth AOD... which better . AOD or OCCT?


i m sorry , i hav already taken the scrnshoot, but it was in my computer in another city of my university, adn now i m at home, sooner i ll attached,


after read about NB and HT... for the first time (i m a lil bit happy)

i can raise th FSB til 250! i can make it to 12 X 250 so 3 GZ, with NB m HT x8,

n it stable... the temp a lil bit worriyng, idle in 45 c, and when full load, it was in 58 c...


i wanna ask, in my OC case, which better NB set to 9 X = 2250 HT 8x =2000 or NB set to 8 x? is there a limit for NB and HT for my mobo?

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As I have stated to you I wouldnt overclock without a CPU cooler you are going to burn that chip. 59C is high is that on all cores I would wait until you get better cooling. Just be happy with it running stock and stable until you get the CPU cooler. Here is some info on guys overclocking the chip.




Overclocking can work but too much heat can be the death of all computers. Just wait until you get better cooling ask any one they will tell you, you are taking a risk overclocking and even a bigger risk with out the right cooling.

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