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MA790FX-DS5 & CM2x2048-8500C5D not booting please help


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Hello I have just purchesed a new pc and can not get it to boot at all.

My specs are uploaded so any suggestions would greatly be appreicated.


I am not sure but I think this memory is compatiable with this mother board, I hope so any way.


Fans spin and lights up like a christmas tree but no boot from the monitor just black screen.


Will add more info is requested


Thank you in advance.




Just an update if anyone is intrested.


I have installed all my components on my old ASUS M3N78-VM mother board and ram is working fine as is cpu and gpu so my only conclusion left is that I have a faulty mother board, so will be returning it and hopefully get a refund where I will go a purchase a trusty ASUS mobo to replace it.


I have tested the mobo with my old am2 5600+ and some standard ddr2 @ 533mhz and stll no joy at booting to the bios.

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