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XFX Nvidia nForce 680i LT MB-N680-ILT + TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX


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Hi, Im having troubles with this configuration,


Im having ramdon "errors module exception" problems, some Crash to desktop problems while using software like Iexplorer, Firefox, windows explorer, some games. Sometimes get fatal error and blue screen... had to reeboot, in general crashes, lockups and reboots. Using memtest86+ software to do a memory test, its reporting problems with the memory modules. I have another pair of Corsair memory modulese pc (XMS2 2GB) and the pc works fine when i did use it.


Its possible that this this MB have some issues with this kind of memory? if not i have to send one module for RMA (give me error using memtest on just one of the two module)



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