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HX1000 - Can it handle tri-SLI?


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I realize it's not certified for tri-SLI by nVidia for either the GTX 280 or the GTX 260, but it also comes with cables for up to three GPUs.


Has anybody run this? I need to figure out whether to get two or three cards for a gaming/folding machine.


The plan was for 3 GTX 285s when they arrive, but that could be pushing the upper limits of my PSU. Given my case is a Mountain Mods H2GO, there is no room for a larger PSU (I actually went to the Corsair from the Zeus 1200w)

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We have feedback from plenty of users with 3x SLI using 280 GTXs. I have not seen the TDP for the 285s but the HX-1000 should run them fine as well.


Even with all those other components? We're talking about 24/7 folding here as well with the pumps running at top speed.


I know it's a beast of a PSU...


I guess I might have to try it and see.

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