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16 GB Flash Voyager on PVR


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I have a Sonicview SV-360 Premier satellite receiver that has PVR (TiVo) capability when a USB drive is connected.


I have 2 GB and 4 GB Flash Voyagers as well as a Kingston 2 GB model. All of these work perfectly for recording and timeshifting.


My 16 GB Flash Voyager don't do so well. Although there's no problem at all using it as a computer USB drive, when timeshifting with the satellite receiver, the audio is choppy. When recording, the audio I monitor goes away. I do, however, get a perfect recording for playing back.


Any thoughts on what the problem may be?


I've tried formatting it with various tools but none seem to make any difference. I tried the SD-CARD Organization tool I saw recommended in another thread but that didn't work at all

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I suppose that would explain the malfunction but why would a flash drive have (or need) a built-in hub? I don't understand that and I sure can't find anything that explains it.


Now that I have a clue, I did find a couple of posts about them not working with DIVX or DVD but I didn't really learn anything from them.

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