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TW3X4G1600C9DHX settings?? Plz Help!!!


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My SPECS are in my profile. (MB - DX48BT2)

Please let me know what timings should I use to work with 1333 Mhz frequency?

Reference Frequency ?? (200|266|333|400)

Memory Frequency 1333

tCL ?

tRCD ?

tRP ?

tRASmin ?

tRFC ?

tRRD ?


tWTR ?

tRTP ?


Command Rate



P.S. my sysytem now is working stable on 1066 Mhz frequency with 1.86 V, but In eed to make it work with 1333 Mhz, plz help me :)

Thanks in advance!

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thank you Ram Guy for fast reply

but my MB doesn't have auto settings.

I have downloaded that brochure before...

nothing helpful, sorry... I need exact settings.. plz help

Every MOBO has AUTO/Default settings. Once the BIOS is cleared, all settings are at AUTO/Default, it's simply a matter of the terminology used by the BIOS.


Clear your BIOS and set the settings listed in the data sheet. All other settings will then by default be at their default or AUTO settings.

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  • Corsair Employees

Did you clear the BIOS before applying these settings?


Also, remove 1 module, clear the BIOS, apply the setup defaults setting, then set the voltage and timings manually to the values in the data sheet, and test each module individually for 3-5 passes each with Memtest.




When you say your OS crashes, what are you doing at the time and what happens? Does it blue screen, or power off, or black screen or what? Have you looked at the Windows Event Viewer to see if the OS is reporting a specific error?

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