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TX750w question


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I purchased a TX750w for my build, and while trying to power up my Asus P5Q pro I noticed a strange thing - while the rightmost 4 pins of the eatx12v connector are a perfect fit (the ones for 4 pin connections), the leftmost 4 dont follow the correct shape (all "circular", no square connectors)

The motherboard's 8 pin eatx12v is like this :


circle - square - square - circle

square - circle - circle - square


Is it still ok to plug it in? So far I havent even been able to power the standby light on motherboard, when trying only a 4 pin connection + the big motherboard power connector.


The rest of the setup is as follows:


Asus P5Qpro

Intel E8500 w/Noctua cooler

Sapphire Radeon 4870HD 1gb

Corsair 4gb DDR2 1088 Ram

Samsung 750gb HD

Samsung DVD RW


What am I missing? Thanks

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Our PSUs are built to be backwards compatible with any motherboard which supports ATX12v 2.01 or newer PSU specifications. In version 2.01 there is not standard spec for an 8-pin EPS connector, only the 4-pin. In order to be compatible with multiple versions of the ATX standard the extra 4-pin on our PSUs will have rounded pins which will work with either round or square slots in the EPS connector on your board. The connector will still only fit one way, so plug in both 4-pins and you should be good to go!
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