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Dominator Airflow partnumber?


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Hello I bought the following RAM package: TWIN2X4096-8500C5D with an included Dominator Airflow fan (in the official packaging) not too long ago.


One of the fans (the one closest to the side where the power cable comes out of) has recently started to make a loud whining sound as if something is out of place in the internals. I did not move the fan or change the speed setting, it just suddenly started making a loud noise.


I was wondering what the partnumber for the fan was so that I am able to lodge an RMA request, and if I am eligible for an RMA? I have read threads on other forums such as this:




where people have had the same issue.


I still have the proof of purchase among my papers~~


Image attached.


EDIT: I have tested the fan unit on several fan headers and motherboards, still have the same issue. So I am certain it is not a power issue.


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