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could lack of -5v pin prevent MOBO power on?


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With mobo mounted on chassis but out of case, CPUs in, 24 pin ATX, 8 pin 12 V and 4 pin 12 V connected but nothing else - get no power on LED, no beeps, no POST - do get PSU fan spooling up on my HX1000W


when i tried system fully hooked up (yes of course that was what did first jinxing my build) cooling fans spun up DVD lit up and GTX 280 indicated it was receiving the correct power (green light on EVGA) and the PSU fans came on.


When I was seating and reseating the power connections i noticed that there was a blank pin on the ATX24 plug. There was no wire running to this pin on the plug either. From diagrams on other threads it looks like there should be a white wire supplying -5 V to that pin.


could that missing pin be preventing the mobo from powering on or is that pin normally unused?

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