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Hello, forgive for my english but i'm french.


I buy a TWIN3X4096C9DHX and this mémory is not recognize in my motherboard MSI X48C PLATINUM. By défaut it's set to 1067 Mhz.


I set it manually to 1333 Mhz.


My bios is not an AWARD BIOS but an ami bios and it's difficult to me to set parameters good.


For Now i have :


voltage --------> 1.71 V

1N/2N timing ---> 1N

latency 9-9-9-24

auto disable dimm/pci ----> disable


it's stable for now but i'm not sur all this things are OK.

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i don't have cd for now to burn.

My memory is in dual channel mode.


this is exactly what i have in my bios for now :


cpu fsb : 333 mhz

cpu ratio : 9.5

fsb memory ratio : 1:2:00 ----> 1333 mhz


pci-e frequency : 100

pci frequency : 33.3

auto disable dimm/pci frequency : disabled


advanced dram config :

configure dram by spd : disabled

dram cas latency : 9

dram ras to cas delay : 9

dram ras precharge : 9

ras activate to precharge : 24

dram TRFC : 52

dram TWR : 12

dram TWTR : 12

dram TRRD : 12

dram TRTP : 12

NCH read delay : auto

1N/2N memory timing : 1N


memory voltage : 1,71 V


Can you tell me if it's OK ?

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