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PSU on bottom of case, dust filter?


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So I have ordered a new pc case, Lian Li PC-V2010B.


The PSU will be at the bottom of the case, my problem being my pc stands on the wooden floor, next to my door, when we have windows open it gets a bit drafty underneath the door, which might blow dust into the power supply, Im trying to find a dust filter however I am not sure what kind of dust filter I can use, without blocking the air going out of the PSU.


The nice part on this case is, to mount the PSU you first attach the PSU to a plate, then you slide the PSU back in the case, attaching the plate to the case. So I could easly put a filter in between the PSU and that plate.


Example picture token from website, Im using a Corsair HX620 myself.



Any tips on what material I should use?

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Once you have the side panel of the case attached I would not suspect that a filter would be necessary, but it won't hurt anything. I have heard of people using a dryer sheet as a filter, but I have not tried it myself, so I really could not recommend it. Whatever you decide to try, I would make sure that it will not get sucked into the PSU and just make sure that there is enough air getting through the filter and out the back of the unit.
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