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HX1000: Rma Questions


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I really think that I need an RMA to solve the problems I have with my PSU HX 1000.

Before explaining in details my problem, I would like to know where Italian customers have to send the item for the RMA. Also, What has to be shipped? The whole box with everything, or only the bare psu?

Thanks for the attentions

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The first problem I had was an hard difficulty to boot the system when it was "cold" (i.e. after the computer was off for some hours). The Motherboard does not even enter in POST and the VGA lights up 3 red leds I've found they are linked to power issues; after many retrys, It does, but after a couple of hours max the pc suddenly crashed without any bsod and the only activity was the VGA's fan.

Day after day all was worse: now I am in the situation that the pc can not even boot windows and crashes even when in BIOS. This last happening convinced me that was not a issue of drivers, that I however had updated when I was able to do that. For last I tried to use another Motherboard: instead of my Asus Maximus II Formula I used a Asus P5K Premium; similar problem: Difficulty to end the post dued to suddenly resets and after that in BIOS it crashes after a while. I had not the luck to boot windows.


My systems specs are in my profile. In addition I have to say that same problem I had using a X1950 XT as VGA.


I think that is all, If I've forgotten to say somethings please tell me.

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  • Corsair Employees

I would suggest that you disconnect any component from the motherboard that is not absolutely necessary and see if you can further isolate the problem. Test the memory modules one at a time to see if anything changes, and if you can get as far as the BIOS, then I would run http://www.memtest.org to make sure you do not have a memory related issue. The best way to know for sure if the PSU is the cause would be to test it in a different system, but if that is not an option and you would like to swap the PSU out, then we can try that.


Please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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