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hx620 whine/whistle please help


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hello, my psu is making a fairly high pitched whistle/whine, it only lasts about a second or two tops, always at start up, at the exact same time just after the loading bar finishes. the pattern is always the same;

roughly; weeh weeeh weh

it's not very load and it's not the hard drives, optical drives or gpu. checked all


it sometimes happens when my hdd's are seeking?


putting load on the cpu/gpu never causes the noise


so i'm thinking it has something to do with the 5v rail on the hx620 maybe coil whine or capacitor whine?


this has been happening since the day i changed psu (hx520 to hx620) over two months ago and all seems stable

if it's a genuine problem i'll have to fork out £100+ for a new one as i share this computor and can't wait 3-4 weeks for a replacement:mad:

is this anything to worry about?

thanks in advane

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The whistle or whining of the PSU would not indicate any serious issue. If it only happens for about 2 seconds on the initial boot of the system then I wouldn't worry about it. If it gets worse, or the noise becomes bothersome, then we can definitely replace it for you.
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