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Problem with ram it seems to have failed


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i have 2 x 1GB of DDR2 667 240 pin ram. my computer kept restarting, after searching the net on my other computer for help it said the ram could have failed and to remove 1 stick at a time and try to start it. this worked. i then removed the other stick and put the faulty one in and it kept restarting, so i removed the faulty one and put the good one back and it seems fine. i have a Gigabyte motherboard GA-P35C-DS3R which can take 8GB x DDR2 and 4GB x DDR3 (not at the same time though). the machine was built about sept 2007, so if the ram has life time warranty what can i do about it as i live in Australia and the shop i bought it from is 2-3 hours away?

can i buy just 1 new stick or do i need to buy 2 and not use the one i have?

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