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VX550 3/4 down


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hi guys.


i've got an intresting problem with my PS VX550

when i switch on my computer, the PSu's fan begin to turn quickly with a big noise (it didn't made that before) and my computer doesn't start.

i have to unplug the power cable, wait 'bout 10 seconds and plug the cable back ... and then, when i switch on the computer, the PSU switch on, then switch off, then switch on again.



before registering on your forum, i made a lot of cross tests.


=> i try with another PSU on my computer : no problem, it starts.

=> i try my PSU on another comptuer : the problem is the same, no start

=> i try my PSU on my comptuer, unplugging EVERY device (i juste leave plug the motherboard) : same thing


i really think it's a PSU problem...


thanks for your advice(s) !


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