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Computer freezes while in games, believed to be ram. Please help!

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ATTN: I have posted this on a few other sites with no response, so I'm just going to copy/paste the whole thing here, which should explain everything, and give all the details. If something is missing/needed, please feel free to ask, as I want to be able to use this computer for what it's made for.




My new computer randomly freezes while in games.

I recently bought a new barebone computer from tigerdirect (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4320034&csid=ITD&body=MAIN), and built it myself, with specs in profile.


Ok, so here is the deal. I bought this computer as a major upgrade from my last gaming computer, and built it up, made sure everything was plugged in, and everything was going good. I first installed Windows XP pro 64 bit, and had it at SP3, then I installed World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike: Source. After playing them for a little bit, my computer would randomly completely freeze up, with absolutely no response, forcing me to manually restart it with the button.


I then thought maybe it was because of the 64 bit version of windows that was causing that, so I went out and bought Windows XP Professional 32 bit, and installed that, along with SP3. After installing the same 2 games again, I would still get these random freezes from playing the games.


All my drivers are up to date, and I have no problems in device manager, so I honestly have no idea what to do anymore. These freezes have only occured when playing games, at max graphics, and lowest graphics. All my temperatures have been checked with speedfan and everest, and they are all saying that my temperatures are good, and close to being lower than average(except AUX, which I'm not sure what that is)


My fans are running at full speed(1 cpu fan, 3 case fans), and these are my temps(idle then load):


CPU: 29 C - 35 C

GPU: 45 C - 48 C

System: 22 C - 22 C

HDD: 35 C - 35 C

Core 1: 15 C - 21 C

Core 2: 45 C - 47 C

AUX(What is this?): 49 C - 50 C


Any help with my freezing problem would be greatly, greatly appreciated, as I want to use this new computer to the fullest, without worry of freezing, and having to always restart.


Note: I have an AMI Bios, and when I turn on the computer, I get 3 what seem like fast beeps, apparently meaning my ram is bad, so I did a memtest on both individual sticks of ram, with no errors, and the other closest thing would be a video card problem, but when I load it without my external video card, it still beeps, and when I try each stick on their own, they beep too... so I'm completely lost with this matter now.


Also, I'm sorry if the links posted are against the rules, they are just there for clarity. I am not trying to advertise.


Thanks in advance for any help I can get, since this has been bugging me for almost a week now.


EDIT 1/3/09: I bought Left for Dead last night for my computer, and was playing for hours on extremely high graphics with no freezing or crashing, so that leads me to believe maybe it's just World of Warcraft itself, or I was reading maybe it's my processor, since i have a dual core AMD 64 X2... I'm not sure what to believe anymore.


EDIT 2: Just froze in Left 4 Dead, so not just the one game..

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  • Corsair Employees

If both modules are passing memtest, then I would suspect some other issue. If you want to be sure, then I would either test them in a different system or, if thats not an option, then I would recommend testing them both one at a time in the slot closest to the CPU, and see if you get the lock ups with both modules, or if you can isolate a single module which causes the problem. It would be very unlikely to get two modules which would fail at the same time with the same issue.


If all else fails, then we can try replacing the memory for you, but at this point it's hard to say if it would resolve your issues. Let us know your results!

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