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Can someone help me, my multiplier is not correct in BIOS and it won't let me....

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change it, as you can see from my settings806821433_screenshotCPU-Z.thumb.JPG.49cdb3f238f9965ab498535e0d7ecac0.JPG


Until I get an aftermarket CPU cooler I will keep it stock, I am curious about overclocking the Memory, does someone have a link or guide to OC Corsair memory on a Asus board? If someone has a guide or link for overclocking on a Asus board as I need to figure out how to change my multiplier back to 9 as was stated on this site....



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Hi there, Under the Advanced tap in configure CPU...there is something that say


Ratio Status: Unlocked(Max 09.0, Min 06.0)

Ratio Actual Value :09


Is this where the multiplier is found or is this something entirely different??


While I am in there, is it worth trying to overclock the RAM??


Should the CPU ratio control be left on Auto??

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