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Usage of Extensions / HX1000


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I've got a question. I got the HX1000. The standard ATX 24pin and 8pin cables for the motherboard are to short to make the run behind the motherboard in an Antec 1200 case. At least when it comes to good cable management!


Should I expect any performance issues or loss of efficiency, loss of voltage etc.? if i use extensions for my 24pin and 8pin power cables or extensions for power cables in general? The extensions I have are about 12".


Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for your answer ;)


Using extensions should not cause any problems. If you have the PSU mounted upsided down (fan facing up), then you can get about 3-4 extra inches by installing it right-side up. I believe that there is space under the PSU in this Antec case for air to circulate, so there should be no problem mounting it with the fan facing down.

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