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TWIN2X2048-6400C4 errors


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I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R v2.1 MB and Corsair 2GB DDR2 (2x1GB) PC6400 800Mhz CL4 (TWIN2X2048-6400C4) memory. Since a few days I have bootproblems occasionaly and Vista displayed 1GB instead of 2 GB ram.

So I figured it was a memory problem. I tested with memtest86+ v2.11. It displayed errors after 1 pass (see attachment). Also included 2 foto's of several testing single modules with no errors.

Then I checked the two memory parts single. Memtest displayed no errors.

I use the memory in dual mode (1+3) and now in 2+4.


1. Is the memory broken? I bought it in february 2008. Should I send it for RMA?

The MB manual says it supports 4x 1,8V DDR2 dimm's. The memory is 2,1V. I asume the MB detects and assigns the right value.

2. I want to upgrade to Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 4GB (2x 2GB) or TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF (2x 2GB). This is recommended by Corsair configurator. It also is 2,1V. Will it work properly?




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Tonight I tested again. Steps:

1. Single module A in slot 1. Dramm settings 4-4-4-12. +0,3V (= 1,8 + 0,3 =

2,1V. Memtest86+ v2.11: 2 passes, no errors. (image 4588)

2. Single module B in slot 1. Dramm settings 4-4-4-12. +0,3V (same as

above). No booting. Rebootloop.

3. Single module B in slot 2. PC boots, but Dramm setting were automatic set

on auto (5-5-5-18). Manual reboot. Dramm settings manual on 4-4-4-12.

Manual reboot. PC boots OK. Manual shut down PC.

4. Single module B again in slot 1. No booting. Rebootloop.

5. Single module B again in slot 2. PC boots. Dramm settings again 5-5-5-18.

Manual reboot. Dramm settings manual on 4-4-4-12. Reboot. Memtest

result: errors. (image 4589)

6. After testing module B, manual shut down PC. Changed module B from slot

2 to slot 1. Normal reboot. Dramm setting still 4-4-4-12 and +0,3V (=1,8

+ 0,3 = 2,1V). Memtest: errors. (image 4590)

7. Manual reboot. Module B still in slot 1. Optimized setting, so Dramm setting

auto and V=manual (standard 1,8 or 1,9V?). PC boots normal, Dramm

settings 5-5-5-18. Memtest: no errors. (image 4591)

My conclusion: Module B is bad. With both modules in slot 1 en 3 (dual) with optimized settings (Dramm auto and 1,8 or 1,9V), memtest errors. Am I wrong?





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