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how to tell if an HX620 is a new batch or not?


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No reports here of any batch versions. Why do you ask?


1. well, the obvious reason is that later HX620 batches might have improvements. (not that the HX630 needs any improvement).


2. from where i come from, it is said that the later batches have two PCI-e 6 + 2 pin video card cables while the earlier batches have only 1 PCI-e 6 + 2 pin video card cable.



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Don't know about batches, but there were some improvements made.

I bought mine over a year and a half ago,

2 x 6 pin pcie cables

8 pin cpu cable

4 pin cpu cable


They now come with

2 x 8 pin (6+2) pcie cable's

8 pin ( 4+4 ) cpu cable, single line should make wire management a little easier

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