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16GB Survivor Performance Question


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I have read most of the performance related questions here and reformatted the drive according to the instructions posted here. My question remains: What kind of write performance should I be expecting from this drive? I am currently getting around 7GB, although the read speed of ~30GB is great. I am not very pleased with the write speed, but if I can expect no more....


From HDBench:

Read: 31692

Write: 7341

RandR: 31702

RandW: 353




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It helped a bit, I guess. But it only around a couple points. Hard to chalk it up to more than a testing variance. What speed should I expect for write performance?


HDBench numbers:

Read: 31850

Write: 8425

RandR: 32546

RandW: 359


By contrast my very old Lexar's numbers:

Rd: 23104

Wr: 14394

RR: 22785

RW: 3139

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