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Hello, I mailed my RMA on Dec 17th via USPS priority mail, 520Hx PSU, RMA#1082887, According to the online RMA update Corsair still has not received my PSU, I emailed 2 days ago seeking confimation that the PSU has not been received so I could start the tracking process with USPS, I have not received any communication from Corsair, I would appreciate any help since this is obviously going to take much more time than I anticapted in regard to the RMA process.


Thank you


Edit: I got an E-mail from Corsair this afternoon saying they received my PSU, They updated the RMA status on the website it now shows they just received the PSU today......hmmmm, Post office says 22nd, Corsair says 31st. So now I guess I can expect no action until after the 5th of next year, Nice.

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