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Adding VS2GSDS667D2 Problems.


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I added a (VS2GSDS667D2) stick of ram to my laptop, going from 2gb to 4gb. Everything booted up and seemed to work fine. Windows recognized the extra stick.


Soon however, Windows Crashed and went into rolling restart mode.


After trying to boot into Safe Mode, windows would hang crcdisk.sys (which seems to be related to a slew of other problems)


Since I left my recovery disk at school, I DL'd a vista repair disk to solve the problem, but to no avail. I ran the typical diagnostics on each stick and it seems like the new ram is defective, but when I take it out and have the original in its old slot, I still get rolling restarts.


Should I run memtest on the new stick?



Any ideas on how to restore without a new installation?

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