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I NEED HELP!!!!! for a deployed troop

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hi my names Courtney and i know next to nothing about computers.. but however my boyfriends in Iraq, and im trying to figure out a certain issue he has with his 68 gb external drive he bought thru corsair.. he cant seem to contact the techinical support with the phone number given, and he doesnt have the luxury to be calling every couple of hrs to check again.. the line is too long and they just recently got relieved from a "black out".. not being able to get in touch with anyone is completely understandable because ive been calling all morning and i keep gettin forwarded to a recording that says.. "this voicemail box is full you can not leave a message at this time." and then i get forwarded back to the main switchboard. its very frustrating.. help is very critical!!! it has all of his troops information on it and without that information, he can not do his job properly. any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. the best and easiest way to contact me is via cell phone,.. i greatly appreciate any help!!! thankyou for your time..








i am gettin off here, to try to get thru to the tech support at the phone number i was given. call or email is best please!!!!!

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