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PCI-E Cable Length on 1000HX


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I just rebuilt my rig based on the i7 920. I also migrated from a Lian-Li PC-777 case to an Antec Spider. I love the open case design, but the PCI-E modular cables on my Enermax Infinti 720W are at their max. I can barely get them plugged in my 9800GX2.


I'm looking to upgrade to some multi GPU configuration based on the upcoming NVIDIA GTX285 or GTX295. While the PSU would probably support the power needs of SLI, there is no way the cables will reach the 2nd or 3rd PCI slot.


I'm looking at upgrading to a 1000HX. I need to ensure that the cables on any new PSU will reach the GFX. I did search for "length" and found one thread on the HX520, but nothing on the 1000HX.


Thanks for your help.

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First link in the PSU reviews on Corsair's site:




Their review said this pic came from Corsair:



590mm = 23.22 inches

610mm = 24 inches


That info's slightly off from what JonnyGuru said in his review, but they're pretty close:




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