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TR3X6G1333C9 and X58


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I have 6 sticks of Corsair TR3X6G1333C9.


I have an EVGA X58 motherboard. If I place 1 stick of RAM in the Slot 1 (Green slot closest to the CPU), the mother board will not get to the BIOS screen. If I put another stick in slot 3 or 5, it will boot but will not see the memory in Slot 1. I will get 2GB with slot 1+3 installed and 4GB with slot 1+3+5 installed.


I also purchased a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard. The exact same symptoms occur in regard to slot 1 (white slot closest to the CPU.). The memory in slot 1 will not be recognized and the boot process will not complete if I only have memory in slot 1 installed.


I've tried this scenario with two motherboards (EVGA and Gigabyte), updated the bioses, used different PSU's, and different GPU's.


The only things left in common are the memory and CPU.


I'm looking for suggestions. I do not know if this is a RAM compatibility problem or a CPU problem. Both are brand new.


I've seen a post or two with others having this similar problem while having this RAM but there is not much information out there yet.

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I am fairly convinced I have a CPU issue at this point.


We are probably talking about the same slots DerekT. The mainboards label the slots (from cpu out) - Slot 2, Slot 1, Slot 4, Slot 3, Slot 6, Slot 5.


If I only have Slot 1 filled, neither motherboard will boot. Any memory in Slot 1 will not be detected by the BIOS. Unfortunately I do not have any other DDR3 to test this to ensure it's not a compatibility issue. It's highly probably it's the CPU but all my memory is the same make/model.


I guess I'll have to RMA the CPU to find out since I've spent enough $$ debugging this issue.

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Seldom is it a CPU issue. Much more likely a mainboard issue.


I would normally agree. I did try another manufacturers motherboard with the same exact results. The only common components left are the memory (6 sticks) and the CPU.


At this point, I either have 6 sticks of memory that are not compatible with those two motherboards, 2 motherboards from different manufacturers that have the exact same problem, or a bad cpu.


Once I get my hands on another CPU, I'll give it a try.

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