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Looking for info on a RMA


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#1083451 I know the RAM arrived at Corsair on 12/12 and went to RMA on 12/15, but there has been no update, I tried emailing, and calling, not realizing that you were closed, If the RMA has been processed, could I get a Tracking Number?


Thanks In Advance

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I am sorry but that RMA number is not showing in the system you may have got it by phone and if so it will not show up in the Automated system. We will return on the 5th of January you can call our customer service then and ask for the status.
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Dear Valued Corsair Customer,


Thank you for your patience. For your return, please reference RMA #1083451.


For your convenience, click the following link to automatically generate an address label for your return.




Please also mark the RMA number clearly on your package, and ship your RMA to the following address:


Attn: RMA Department

Corsair Memory, Inc. 46221 Landing Parkway Fremont, CA 94538 Phone 510-657-8747


This is the email I received on 12/10/08 I received an email that the memory was received on 12/15/08 (The memory was delivered on 12/12/08) under that RMA number, now there is no record? BTW this was the original case number 775060



Sorry to say 2 weeks of waiting is unacceptable, and not having any information available is unacceptable too.


I tell you what keep the memory, I will eat the cost of shipping memory received for a RMA that was bad.


I will make my future purchases from other vendors.


Thanks for the time

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Well, I tried your suggestion of calling, and all the phones roll right to voice mail, and most have their mailboxes full. As I can see, several others are having the same problem. Though at least thay have not been told their RMA does not exist.


The problem is that if the memory arrives after 1/1/09, I will not be here to receive it, I am now in the process of closing up this house. I purposely got the RMA and had it delivered next day to avoid just this trouble, I never imagined I would be here 2 and 1/2 weeks later without even a tracking number.

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