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help with connecting corsair 750w cables to motherboard


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hi i think i bit off more than i can chew when i got a antec 900 case corsair 750w power supply and the geforce gtx260 for christmas. i have the motherboard screwed down and all drives and power supply are fastened into case. the motherboard is an hp pavillion elite m9040n model.


the power supply has a ton of wires. have hooked up wires, but it will not power up. i need a diagram a picture, in the english language or a very clear description of where these power supply wires connect to the motherboard.


ive googled to death, contacted hp and they told me to go to the store (big help) i hate to have to call geek squad and spend more money then i already have lol. any help would be appreciated. and might i add that i have a gaming addiction sir?! XD merry christmas


Hugs, Jessica

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The power plug to the motherboard has a 20+4pin connection.




This goes into your motherboard's power slot. There is only one spot that will take it. All these cords will only fit one way and one type of connection.




You will find a spot for a 4-pin connector on your motherboard behind the CPU. Now your power supply has two of these connectors as some boards need two. Yours needs one.




New hard drives (SATA) use the SATA power connector.




Older hard drives (PATA) use the PATA power connector.




The Data connector for SATA is a serial connection.




Your GTX 260 needs to 6pin connectors.




You will need the two of them. The connectors might well be black, but they will look the same.




and might i add that i have a gaming addiction sir?!


As do I. :p:

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Your OEM system may require a proprietary PSU, which is why it may not power up at all. If all you're doing is replacing the PSU, there's no reason to highlight the connections on the motherboard for the physical power button. Did you disconnect it?
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the ones on the left you say may be for power are the firewire connector not power.

the ones on the right next to the SATA ports are the panel connectors.

if your HP case has a solid multipin connector you will have to trace back and see EXACTLY which pairs of pins go to each thing. pwr, reset, hdd led etc...


i cant find a better diagram for your board except for above that has better detail im sorry.


good luck! just dont get frustrated, it only makes things worse. be calm and careful and you will get it done.

maybe on the MB there are letters that identify each set of pins for power, reset etc. they just dont show on the diagram i found.

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