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Computer Issues Related to Mains Voltage Drop


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Hi I am a regular system builder and Was asked in March 2008 to build a compact pc for a couple living on a narrow boat.


I built a compact desktop pc based on an Intel Processor E series


Whilst the PC was in my house I built it up and had no problems with stability or crashing or using any features or playing any games.


As soon as I gave the pc to the new owners it started to mess about,


I have now re built the machine 4 times and installed new Fans for cooling, New HDD due to damage to the orignal even to the point of replacing the mother board thinking there was a problem with the SATA controller. All this to no avail.


I did some leg work and checked the 240v supply to the boat an found it to only be 221v~ .


Could this cause problems with the internal voltages to the M/B and Drives ??


Are the Corsair PSU fully auto sensing with regards to input voltage ?


Will a new Corsair PSU be able to cope with an inadquate 221v~ supply.




Kind Regards to any one able to help....... :biggrin:

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If the PSU is cheap, then I would replace it regardless, it could start damaging hardware. Theoretically any PSU should work fine on 221v, as it is inside spec, but the cheap PSU may not. If a Corsiar has the same problem, then you will likely need an AVR as the voltage may be fluctuating.
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?? AVR ?? Sorry for my Ignorance




Thats right, some backups will have AVR to help clean up the power signal. I couldn't tell you much about the PSU you are currently using, however our PSUs are designed to work with Universal AC input 90~264V and the PSU automatically scans and detects the correct voltage.

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regarding similar power issues from mains...


I have a tx750w PSU in my case and I'm having random shut-downs and issues with turning back on afterwards.


For example: I would have a random shut-down (unrelated to anything I'm doing on the computer) and then I would try to start up the computer from the power switch and the power would switch on, but then a split second later it would turn back off.

Usually I remedy by flipping the power on the PSU itself, and then wait for 20 mins or so before switching on the computer. I'm new to this apartment and the power is old infrastructure, but before I go buy one, how do I know a UPS will save me? Would I need a 750w rated UPS to run this PSU?


(heheh... maybe Corsair should get into the UPS business!.. lol)


Before this tx750w, I was running the same system with an Antec Earthwatts 500w PSU and had the same issues. I've replaced motherboards, and tried other components to no avail.


How much of a voltage or amperage variance will cause the tx750w to shut down the computer? I'm suspect that my building's power is rather "dirty." Is there a way to check this with my multimeter?

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