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Computer starts for about 10sec and thens shutsdown


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Sorry in advance for the long text, i have to explain and write alot to make you understand the problem.


I decided to put this thread under power supplies becuse some reasons.

Let me explain what has happen and what we have tried to do to fix the problem.


I bought all the stuff from a Swedish company named datorbutiken, now it's bancrupt (to bad).

Me and my brother started to build my new comp with ESD safety and all ofc.

To my dissapointment the comp diden't boot at all, it went on for about 10sec and then it just dies.

We tried numerous of things like:

1. Removing the graphic card

2. Removing memories and even tried alla 4 dimm slotts.

3. Tried to start the comp with only motherboard, cpu and psu but the same symptom was there, runs 10 sec and then dies and yes the fans are running and then dies.

4. Tried using the speaker and no memories to get a beep or a message, a code or something to isolate it but no beep or anything!

5. Tried the psu on my old system and works like a dream.

6. Called a technician at datorbutiken and his thoughts were that the motherboard was DOA (dead on arrival). 2 Days after that call the company goes bankcrupt.

7. We ordered the same motherboard from another company called portal, we tried excatly the same thing again with cpu, psu and the new motherboard and no. Same symptom, runs for 10 sec then shutdowns without any message or beep.

8. Then aha, it must be the processor! So i spoke with AMD and i shippped it to them and they did a V/M inspection (visual mechanism inspection) and it passed. Nice, it was the processor so i got a new one yesterday (23rd december).

9. Tried the new processor with the motherboard and the psu and no. Same again, runs for 10 sec and dies.


So any ideas would be great, we have tried to switch motherboard and cpu and tried the psu on my old comp and that works so im clueless, i cant isolate the problem.

Even my brother and father is surprised over this, my father is an IT-technician, my brother works for dell and i have studied some IT.



We have one thougt though, that the components kills each other.

Maybe the motherboard is broken from the start (only bought a new one, datorbutiken went bankcrupt and dident get me a new one when i shipped the motherboard back to them) and when we putted the cpu in the motherboard, the motherboard short circut the cpu?

Then we got the new motherboard and putted same cpu in the new motherboard and killed that board too with the cpu.

Then we got the new cpu and putted it the old motherboard that killed the old cpu and now the new cpu is broken as well?

We think its a possibility anyway and considers to contact Asus and let them have a test on the motherboard to see if we can isolate the problem and if it's thier probem they should get me a new cpu as well.

We think that we need to switch motherboard and cpu at the same time to fix this problem.

Any one got some other teories or questions?

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