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4x1GB no post, multiple mobos


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Greetings, I am having problems with a memory upgrade and was hoping you could help me.


Last week I ordered 2x1GB xms2 pc6400c4 from scan.co.uk, hoping to add to my old 2x1GB(different manufacturer) so that I have 4GB. After testing this memory I assumed it was faulty and submitted a return query which is currently postponed until the 5th of Jan due it being the christmas season. I was impatient and ordered another pack of memory from novatech.co.uk (scan memory was at the time in pre-order status) but had the same problems getting it to work.


After doing more extensive researching I came to the conclusion the 965 chipset was old enough to warrant replacing and may even have memory compatibility issues so I ordered a Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L and installed it today. Problems getting the memory to work still remain with this new motherboard but my old memory works (different manufacturer).


The problems are either:

a. I cannot get the system to POST (freezes)

b. The system cycles on and off repeatedly

c. The system beeps continuously (motherboard manual states the beeps mean a power failure)



Module 1: 2177278 08400678 Will start by itself

Module 2: 2177279 08400678 Computer cycles on and off by itself



Module 1: 2122180 08400243 Will start by itself

Module 2: 2123483 08400295 Computer beeps continuously by itself


Trying to get combinations of these to work always fails with the computer cycling on and off or beeping. Using different DIMM slots or trying single/dual channel doesn't help. I followed guides and recommendations of underclocking the RAM, upping the voltages of cpu, mem and NB by small amounts and modifying the memory timings +cmd rate to 2T but no luck. :<


Can you help me get my computer to work please? :):


Old motherboard: DFI 965P infinity-s

Merry christmas

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