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New RAM, problems, question (CM2X1024-6400C4DHX)


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TL;DR below.


So I decide to upgrade my RAM this season. My current memory setup is a kit of TWIN2X2048-6400C4 and it's been a champ; survived 24-hours of testing (MemTest86+, Orthos) when I first got it and no issues over the past year of usage. So I decide to grab another kit, but settled on a TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX kit to go with it this time since it was on sale for the same price. Sure, why not?


Anyway, long story short, here's the play-by-play (note that no component of my machine is overclocked):


  • Install new memory modules in the vacant dual-channel #2 (old memory paired with old, new with new).
  • Power on machine: No POST.
  • Reseat new memory modules, press down on other components/connectors to make sure they're not loose.
  • Power on machine: No POST.
  • Reset BIOS via CMOS jumper.
  • Power on machine: No POST.
  • Pop out new memory modules.
  • Power on machine: POSTs.
  • Pop out old memory modules, place new memory modules in their place.
  • Power on machine: POSTs.
  • Install old memory modules into dual-channel #2.
  • Power on machine: POSTs.
  • Readjust BIOS settings, tighten RAM settings to 4-4-4-12, bump DDR2 Voltage +.3V (1.8 -> 2.1).
  • Reset machine: POSTs.


At this point I'm feeling good if not a little apprehensive. I do some business as usual: some web browsing, light photo editing, listen to music, etc. I didn't have a chance to play some games that'd eat up a good deal of RAM, however, so I figured I'd let it do some MemTesting overnight. I then throw in my MemTest86+ CD, reboot the machine, and head off to bed. Some ~17 minutes later (the time posted on the MemTest screen) I hear the computer make a handful of beeps before settling on one continuous beep. I get up, look at the monitor, see a screenful of red error messages and notice MemTest86+ had locked up. Ouch.


Which pretty much brings us where I'm at now. I've popped out the new memory and ran the old memory through just a few preliminary memtest passes (as it's already known-good) and am pretty much back where I started. Computer back up and running stable but still stuck to 2GB.




As I'm already pretty convinced that there's a problem with my RAM kit, my actual question is just to try and save myself some potential grief: Is 6400C4DHX compatible with 6400C4; is there any difference in the memory modules apart from the heat spreader? I'm trying to ascertain whether or not the actual model will work in my system and alongside my current RAM modules so I know whether or not to ask for a refund or a replacement.


JFYI - My motherboard spec page, manual, and memory support list.


Thanks for your time.

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